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Terms And Conditions

Sherbutt Home Care Services Ltd
Terms of Business

Sherbutt Home Care services Ltd is an agency providing introductions and staff to work in your establishment under your policies, procedures and guidance. Under employment rules you have the duty of care and control during their time with you, whilst SHCS has duties under the Agencies Act. By asking SHCS to provide you with staff (temporary or permanent) you are agreeing to these terms.

A) Main Terms
In every instance SHCS will make every effort to provide you with the services of staff that match your needs

You agree to SHCS (or your agents in relation to those that are funded through the local authority) for those services in accordance with the charges Published (SHCS Statement of Purpose) in good time as set out in 4, below.

SHCS will pay to the appropriate Tax Office any PAYE taxes and NI Primary contributions due to the member of staff on their behalf for that time worked out of the payments SHCS receives.
Invoices for services will be sent out four-weekly as locally agreed, with the expectation that they are paid by you within 28 days of the date of the invoice. After this time you will be liable to late payment dues at rates set out in the late payment of commercial debt (interest) Act 1998.

Your payments to SHCS will be by Cheque, Bankers Draft or Bank Transfer made payable to Sherbutt Home Care Services Ltd details as shown on the invoice. Payments by the Authority will be in accordance with their usual terms.

Visits on bank holidays may incur additional charges.
Where practical and appropriate you will make sure that SHCS has sufficient information to fully understand the work, hence the staff requirements you have for this appointment including length of employment, tasks, training requirements, necessary qualifications and skills.

Whilst in your employment you will make sure that the member of staff has appropriate meal breaks, rest periods, protective wear and measures in accordance with your routines, which must comply with recognised and lawful working practices. These matters will be the responsibility of Sherbutt Home Care Services Ltd where they work in a domiciliary capacity. Nothing mentioned here (Item 2) will incur a cost against the member of staff or SHCS.

Whilst contracted to you, you are responsible for guiding, advertising and directing the staff provided, and for their actions whether lawful, unlawful, well meaning, or negligent. These matters will be the responsibility of Sherbutt Home Care Services Ltd where they work in a domiciliary capacity.
You will act in accordance with all relevant laws, statutes, and standards to the work being undertaken in order to protect everyone involved.

All Telephone Calls will be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. 

You will ensure that any relevant insurance that is in place also covers the member of staff provided. SHCS’s insurance relates to covering staff outside of these contracted hours. These matters will be the responsibility of Sherbutt Home Care Services Ltd where they work in a domiciliary capacity.
Under employment or other relevant law you agree to indemnify SHCS against any claims, damages. Costs, charges, expenses, or other liabilities made, due to your actions or lack of actions relating to the member of staff provided or this period of employment.

Reports will be completed each time we complete a visit. These terms apply at the time of commissioning SHCS’s services and whilst those services continue.
SHCS requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of a call. Late cancellations may incur a fee.

SHCS requires a minimum of 7 days notice for cancellation of contract.
Where possible staff assignment will be agreed between you and SHCS. However SHCS cannot guarantee individual staff assignments.

Where staff fail to turn into work or leave early you must inform SHCS immediately. Staff are expected to talk directly with you about health or other matters affecting their shift (s). In this instance SHCS will endeavour to find an alternative member of staff but cannot guarantee this is possible and will not be held liable for any effects of this.

As a quality provider SHCS values your feedback and require any positive or negative feedback about a staff members performance to be put in writing. SHCS is acting in good faith to make sure that the member of staff has the knowledge, skills and training required for this shift in relation to what we have been informed through your social services care plan / what you have told us, and will make reasonable effort to check on this. However SHCS cannot guarantee or be held accountable for any shortfall, especially where false or inadequate information has been given them.

SHCS has company vehicles which can be accessed. If you require use of a vehicle for an appointment/activity this will be charged at £1.00 per mile and will be invoiced accordingly.

B) Force Majeure
SHCS will make every attempt to attend your call, however if this isn’t possible due to force majeure SHCS will contact your nominated next of kin/Authority to inform them.

Any matter affecting SHCS in Acts of God, War, Civil Unrest, Fire, Flood, Storm, Lockout, or Strikes, or other major event that couldn’t be reasonably guarded against SHCS obligations will be suspended until such matters are resolved allowing continued commitment to SHCS’s obligations. At this time SHRC will not be liable to any costs, expenditures or liabilities incurred by you or made against it.